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Kinnect Studio Bradford

The Kinnect Studio website design was developed for a Chiropractor who owns a Chiropractic business combined with a yoga studio. Their concept was of a studio combining chiropractic and yoga with people connecting the idea of movement and health. They were looking for a modern professional site that was inviting and intimate. Kinnect Studio also wanted  a website that they could make updates to it themselves in order to change the class schedules and times and any page text.

Kinnect Studio wanted to be found by the search engines, to promote brand awareness and have their existing clientele / members looking for new information, such as class schedules, business hours with a means to contact them.

After only 2 months live they are now on the first page of google for Yoga Studio Bradford, Ontario as well as Chiropractor Bradford, Ontario.

View website – Kinnect Studio Bradford.


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September 28, 2015

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