Susan is not only very knowledgeable but also extremely approachable and easy to work with. I would have never been able to launch my business or create an effective website without her developing a website outline that helped me refine my service offerings in a way that is easy for my target audience to understand and relate to.

Maureen H

Fit Outside of the Box

Dear Susan,

When it came time to revamp my logo I had all the faith in you that you could do it. Not only did you have the creative and technical skills you had patience.

Everything we say, do and wear, portrays our brand, however, there is not much more important than our advertising materials. As a design consultant any “design” image I portray has to exude my brand. Everything was taken into consideration starting with the colours chosen, the psychology around that, line, flow, fonts and the overall look. You even creatively solved a problem I had with the fact that my company name was specific to residential by adding a line under the logo that said residential and commercial.

Then you patient woman, dealt with the fact that I had so much I wanted to say on the card that the layout had to accommodate that. Accomplishing another challenge in creativity line, graphics and balance.

Susan as difficult as it was to design for a “design consultant” please know that I could not be happier and I owe it all to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as what you have done will serve and lead my image for many years to come.


Barbara Becking

House 2 Home Design Solutions

“Monarch Webworks has done a fantastic job designing our website. Susan was very accommodating in working with my specific ideas. Susan enhanced them and created a website that is professional, functional and very appealing to the eye. Monarch Webworks is always available to make changes and updates and does so with incredible promptness. We have had extremely positive results and feedback from our clients. I would highly recommend Monarch Webworks to anyone who wants a great web site designed for them with innovative ideas and at affordable price.”

Ben Nierop

Private Jet Adventures

Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for saving my skin… again!! The ‘goddess’ branding that you have created for me is gorgeous and I get comments on it all the time when I am at events. This latest postcard takes what I do to a whole new level and my heart speeds up every time I look at it! I can hardly wait to use it later this week! You have been a god-send. Your work is gorgeous, you respond quickly, you work quickly – and you have this uncanny ability to read my mind that ensures I get exactly what I want, faster than I would have thought possible. I look forward to working with you more as we continue to brand my business both online and offline! Thank you again!!


Vanessa Long

Sacred Physicality

I have worked with Susan Smith owner of Monarch Webworks for approximately 2.5 years now. She has created my website and has created promotion pieces for my business YIJ Group. Susan is a incredible person to work with. She knows what you need and creates it quickly and with creative flare. She understands the inner workings for a website and the design aspects. Susan has made my website easily accessible for mobile users which is the new wave for my customer and sign of the present and future trend.

Anita Heidema

YIJ Group

“Susan, from Monarch Webworks, has been a wonderful person to work with! She has been very patient with me, as I struggled to understand the details of creating my first website. She is a great teacher and walked me through the process one step at a time. My business is just starting up, and I did not have the time to try to work this out by myself. I felt confident in her ability to produce a website that I was happy with, and she didn’t let me down! I will continue to recommend Susan as an excellent choice for anyone looking to design a website and establish their presence online!”

Karen Shea

Blooms of Joy Project

“Not being well versed in the mechanics and mysteries of website design, I approached the creation of my own website with a certain amount of trepidation, not to mention countless questions. Even though I knew what I wanted, I had no idea how to go about it. Fortunately, Susan Smith was very patient and open to suggestions, and always found workable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. As a result, my website is elegant, clear, eye-catching and user-friendly, and I’ve already received numerous compliments – and some business! – from it. Merci Susan!”

Dominique Denis

Dominique Denis

“Susan has been a huge help with getting my print ad material ready for various publications. Her patience & dedication has been invaluable as there have been many revisions because as the projects evolved so did the requirements. Thank you Susan! I can’t wait to see what our next project will be!”

Kimberly Stark

Strategic Sales and Marketing

Dear Susan,

Thanks so very much for being the guest speaker and teaching Social Media to the Seneca College Students. here are some of the comments the students wanted to pass on. “Your presentation was well prepared and insightful. I appreciate what I learned, it will truly be a benefit for me.” “Thank you for your time and effort to provide very useful and important information.” “Amazing information.” ” Great presentation.”

Not only are you a very knowledgeable and talented web designer, you know how what you you do connects to the whole marketing and branding picture, through social media. I thought it important to share this to our BNI colleagues, as your knowledge of facts will assist anyone as the where to spend their efforts to market and the frequency required.

Thank You Susan for your generous amount of time spent to pay it forward. I am sure that when they think of needing web site help they will come to you. I appreciate all your efforts, skill and wisdom. ALWAYS.

Barbara Becking

House 2 Home Design Solutions

“Susan has been a great resource on website creation. She took my existing website and totally recreated it to be great looking website. I always get great feedback on my website since it has been revamped. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Susan to keep my website current and up to date! Thanks for all your help, Susan.”

Raelene Gannon

tea and all its splendour

“Susan has created a website that reflects my personality and helps to grow my business. She has been very patient and her price is great too. I would recommend working with Susan”

Lindsay deSwart

Lindsay deSwart

“Susan created a web page that both suited my needs and my personality. I got exactly what I hoped for and more.”

Patti M Hall

Patti M Hall - Writer

“It was a delight to work with Monarch Webworks to create my website and business cards! I was amazed at how much Susan understood my vision and the look I wanted to create. The design feedback and tips I received were really helpful. I will absolutely continue to work with Monarch Webworks to fulfill my ongoing business needs. Thank You!!!!”

Elisha MacMillan

Manifest Dance

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